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If you are reading about this for the first time, please keep reading and GET IN ON THE FUN!! You don't need to be an operator, or a world-class shooter to try it out!!


You send entry fees, and then I send you targets. You shoot them at your convenience according to the rules and send the best target back to me by the deadline. Targets will be scored and ranked, with results being posted on several shooting-related websites.

Hope to see you sign up for the next round!
Regards, Jason Baney


NEW WAY TO ENTER - See announcement to the right

Sign up for yearly STS Subscription so you don't miss a match - see the Rules page for info!

Prize donations are increasing, see the Prize page for info!

Announcing the STS Rimfire Class --- you may purchase 4 additional targets to shoot at 50yds with the rimfire of your choice, same rules


Each match had an average of over 70 shooters! In 11 years, we have raised over $12,800 in total donations for AMERICANSNIPERS.ORG! That translates to $12,800 worth of gear for our soldiers in need! We are very appreciative of the support by the companies on our prizelist. Check out the PRIZE page for more info! Prizes are given away by using completed and returned targets as “raffle tickets.” This way, everyone who sends back a target has a chance to win something. Each shooter can be entered in the raffle once per class. That means once in Rimfire class, and once in Centerfire class as long as one target from each class is shot and returned. Year-long aggregates are calculated from the Spring match through the Winter Match.

THE WAY TO ENTER HAS CHANGED BUT WE ARE STILL DONATING MONEY TO as it has in the past. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO Entry info is on the CONTACT page. Please see the RULES page for further detail.

Smack the Smiley

***Smack the Smiley format change for 2015 and beyond - The change will start with SPRING 15 match*** It has been 11 years now and together we have raised over $12,000 for our US Snipers thru The time has come in my life that I need to be able to keep this match going while making more time to devote to my family. My 3 year old son and wife need a bit more time than I have been able to dedicate to them because keeping this match going has taken up quite a bit of my free time. I want to keep the match going, but need the logistics to compromise less of my time.


The new format will donate even more money to as well as encouraging marksmanship in our youth. I have streamlined it a bit already with the subscriptions and those will continue - that is a big help from you guys that shoot all 4 yearly matches! The fees and entry have changed a bit, yet the original principals remain intact. HOW TO ENTER: Match Fee is $25 per adult, per match ($5 of each match fee goes to So with the new cost, a full year subscription to all 4 matches would be $100 per adult. The 4 matches for the season start in the Spring, then Summer, Fall and Winter (the Snowflake Match). Subscriptions are encouraged!! Then I will automatically send your targets to you when each match comes around. WHAT YOU GET for $25 per match: You will receive 4 SMACK THE SMILEY targets that you can use for Centerfire (CF) or Rimfire (RF) class interchangeably - the back will be marked so you can indicate whether it was shot with a CF or RF rifle. The target will remain the same as before and so will the procedure and distances. 50yards for RF and 100yards for CF.

KIDS (JUNIORS) SHOOT FREE: A Junior would be the son or daughter of a paid adult shooter - adults may copy their official targets for their kids to shoot as much as they want or I can email or post the file for download. Juniors (less than 18years old before the day spring targets are sent out for the season) may submit up to 1 completed CF and RF target per match. Date of Birth must be provided to me when the target entry is returned as a reference (this will not be published - only the child's age will be published with the results). Junior targets will still be scored and ranked along side the adults. At the end of each season, I will throw all junior targets that have been shot and returned to me into a box and pick a winner to receive a very nice prize (in 2015 we gave away a Savage 22 RF rifle and a brick of SK 22 ammo. This year we will have a similar prize and plan to add a scope and rings to the equation. TAB gear will be donating a beanbag and shooting mat to the junior winner as well!) PRIZES: The prizelist will be similar to past seasons and the prizes will continue to be given out randomly to paid adults that complete and return the target for scoring. I hope this will encourage even more family involvement than there is now and give incentive to get the kids out shooting!


A body, a shot in someone's head... What is life if it can just disappear in a blink of an eye? Just one shot from a firearm and you see someone's life being taken away from him. It is true that firearms can serve and are even fun to shoot on balloons; however, they are first and foremost designed to kill, escorts and animals.


If firearms are dangerous, why then many people and escorts Memphis find the need to possess one? Why are they fascinated or obsessed about owning a gun? Before falling into the trap of blaming or accusing congresses or legislation that promote the possession of firearms, it is important to understand the people's mindset and their psychology about firearms, and why they find it necessary to own one.

It might be part of a culture

The United States of America is one of the many countries in the world, if not the only country, where gun possession is allowed and permitted by the legislation. In such a case, it is part of their culture and their lives. To possess a gun therefore in the United States is normal like walking in the streets or eating.

Some people think gun shooting is fun

It may not be appealing to the girls from the Escort Directory, but some people may find it tempting to have a gun in their hands and shoot it. For people who are fans of war movies, action movies and like, the guns may help them feel like super heroes, like they have total control over the course of things.

Imagine you and your escorts are huge fans of firearms; video games, paintball, air soft etc. will fully satisfy your passion for firearm. This way, it will enhance the fun part of it and will have the most of your time sharing your passion with your loved ones.

Furthermore, to add to the fun part of it, hunting and target shooting are no fun without a gun. Since they are generally two of the activities loved by men, this explains why they are fascinated about owning a gun. They enjoy these hobbies and therefore they need the right equipments for those.



Despite the preconceived ideas, one of the main reasons why people are fascinated about firearms and possess one is because of safety issues. Escorts around the world feel safer with a gun under their roof while doing their job. In this way, they will have a head-shot against intruders, and they will be able to effectively defend themselves in case need arises. This may seem a little too paranoid for people in whose countries guns are not familiar.

A feeling of power

Many people and escorts do feel insecure about themselves, and sometimes they find that security back in different passions and one of those is firearms. Generally, the firearm gives to people that feeling of power. They help them feel great; they feel they are in control of everything and that they can do all things. Consciously or unconsciously, they enjoy the feeling that they may have people's life in their hands.

Furthermore, some people may be involved in jobs that are dangerous and they need some protection, and they find that protection in the firearms. An escort girl, for example, knows how dangerous the streets are, or drug dealers, and even police officers etc. All these people may use the guns as a means of protecting themselves against the dangerous people they may meet along the way.

Current Match:
Summer 16

17 June 2016: Begin accepting entries

11 July 2016: Match STARTS


22 Aug 2016: Send your finished targets back!


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