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If you are reading about this for the first time, please keep reading and GET IN ON THE FUN!! You don't need to be an operator, or a world-class shooter to try it out!!


You send entry fees, and then I send you targets. You shoot them at your convenience according to the rules and send the best target back to me by the deadline. Targets will be scored and ranked, with results being posted on several shooting-related websites.

Hope to see you sign up for the next round!
Regards, Jason Baney


NEW WAY TO ENTER - See announcement to the right

Sign up for yearly STS Subscription so you don't miss a match - see the Rules page for info!

Prize donations are increasing, see the Prize page for info!

Announcing the STS Rimfire Class --- you may purchase 4 additional targets to shoot at 50yds with the rimfire of your choice, same rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already sent in my money, where are my targets?
A: The first batch of targets gets mailed out on the date that the match starts. The calendar shows these dates for the entire year.

Q: If I send entry money in after the ENTRY POSTMARK DEADLINE will I still get targets?
A: NO, not for the current match. Entries that come in with a postmark after "ENTRY POSTMARK DEADLINE" date will not be sent targets. I can roll the fees over into the next match if the entrant desires. The calendar shows these dates for the entire year.


Q: If I hit the thin ring around the small Smiley do I get 40 points?
A: NO. The thin ring around the small, centered smiley is for an aiming aid only. You have to hit the smiley itself to get the 40-50points.

Q: Can I get targets for a buddy to shoot?
A: YES. But please provide the other person's address so I can send their targets to them personally.

Q: What if I don't have a registered forum ID?
A: Include a handle and/or name that you want me to use to post your results. If no handle/name info is provided, I use your First name, Last initial. (i.e. John D.)

Q: Can I enter early for the next match, or enter for all 4 of the year's matches at once?
A: YES - I now offer a yearly subscription so you can pay for the full year's targets during the Spring match entry time, then I will automatically send the correct number of targets for the subsequent SUmmer, Fall and Winter matches.


A: At any point after you unfold the target, you can fire ONE additional shot for extra points AT A TARGET THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY HIT. If you miss, you will lose the points that you got with the first hit. DO NOT FIRE A CONFIDENCE SHOT AT A TARGET THAT YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY HIT.

You can pay for a year's worth of targets at one time so you will be never forget a deadline and miss a match. This will also save you some postage throughout the year. At the beginning of each of the year's matches you will automatically receive targets in the mail. Subscription participants will be listed on the homepage so they know they will receive their targets throughout the season.

Match Fee is $25 per adult, per match ($5 of each match fee goes to So with the new cost, a full year subscription to all 4 matches would be $100 per adult. The 4 matches for the season start in the Spring, then Summer, Fall and Winter (the Snowflake Match). Subscriptions are encouraged!! Then I will automatically send your targets to you when each match comes around.


A Junior would be the son or daughter of a paid adult shooter - adults may copy their official targets for their kids to shoot as much as they want or I can email or post the file for download. Juniors (less than 18years old before the day spring targets are sent out for the season) may submit up to 1 completed CF and RF target per match. Date of Birth must be provided to me when the target entry is returned as a reference (this will not be published - only the child’s age will be published with the results). Junior targets will still be scored and ranked along side the adults. At the end of each season, I will throw all junior targets that have been shot and returned to me into a box and pick a winner to receive a fairly large prize (right now I am thinking a Savage 22 RF rifle and a brick of 22 ammo.)

Current Match:
Summer 16

17 June 2016: Begin accepting entries

11 July 2016: Match STARTS


22 Aug 2016: Send your finished targets back!


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